The Dos And Dont’s Of Hiring A Moving Company For Your Across-Town Move

If you’re only planning to move across town, you may be prone to underestimating the amount of time, effort, and planning this move will take. Even though you’re not trekking across the country, you still have to get everything out of your current house and into the new one. Hiring a moving company will definitely simplify the process but only if you go about it in the right way. Adhere to these dos and don’ts, and your across-town move will be a dream rather than a nightmare. Do: Get several quotes. Moving across town is not nearly as expensive as moving long-distance, but you may be surprised at how drastic a difference there can be between moving companies’ prices. A good approach is to get three estimates and compare them. If you’re not sure whether the estimates you’re getting are fair, use an online moving cost calculator to get a ballpark idea of the quotes you should expect. Don’t: Just go with the lowest estimate. Take a good look at what each estimate contains before you just go for the lowest Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Storage Facility Safe: 3 Items You Should Keep in an Emergency Pack

With limited space available at home, renting a self-storage unit is one of the best options available to you should you ever need extra storage space. More and more American households are relying on self-storage facilities for extra space to the point where the average facility will have a 90% occupancy rate. When you are renting a self-storage unit, the storage facility is basically like an extension of your own home. There’s a good chance that you’ll be visiting the unit often to find items you need and store items that are no longer of use. As a result, it’s crucial that you keep an emergency pack filled with essentials near the entrance. Here are three items you shouldn’t forget. First-Aid Kit for Treating Injuries It’s not unusual for accidents to happen in the self-storage unit. If you’re not careful, you might stumble on some boxes and end up slipping and falling. If you haven’t been diligent in organizing and stacking moving boxes, you might also get injured if the boxes topple over. It’s vital that you keep an emergency Continue Reading →

Packing Hacks From The Pros

Whether you are packing up a huge truck to move across country or just your car to move across town, you will likely worry about making sure all your belongings arrive in one piece. The best way to ensure a safe move is to learn a few packing tricks from the professionals. After all, professional movers are the experts. Keep reading to learn some packing hacks used by the pros to help reduce your stress during a move of any size: 1. Label Everything In Detail Instead of labeling a box with the word “toys,” be more specific. Put the name of the child who the toys belong to, and indicate which room to put the box in. You should always label both the top of the box and at least one side. If you are really organized, you can also color coordinate the labels on your moving boxes by room or by floor. For example, all of your son’s items can have red labels. Or all boxes that need to go to the basement can be labeled in blue. Continue Reading →